Seiko begins sale of Specialty Gintama Watches

Seiko is releasing its first Gintama wristwatch on May 05, 2024. The limited-run item will only be sold while supplies last and will cost 44,000 JPY, which is roughly around $283.94 in USD.

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You can view the full announcement post here:

The Gintama watch from Seiko has the same stylish silver color scheme as the show. The face has a pearlescent texture with a kimono pattern styled after the main character, Sakata Gintoki.  In the 12 spot, a silhouette of Gintoki riding his scooter is etched into the face of the watch.

At 3 o’clock are Shimura Shinpachi’s glasses, Sadaharu’s footprint is at 6 o’clock, and Kagura’s parasol is at 9 o’clock. The serial number and an illustration of a “Justaway” are engraved on the back cover. You can get a closer look at the watch design here:

U-Treasure is selling the Gintama x Seiko watch starting May 5th, 2024. It appears to be available for international shipping with WorldShopping on their online store, priced at 44,000 yen (approximately $284 USD).

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