Arknights KFC Event Begins This Week

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Hypergryph announced an Arknights collaboration meal will be available for a limited time at KFC in Japan. You’ll be able to start purchasing it from May 16, 2024.

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The collaboration menu will be available from May 16, 2024, and it will run until June 6, 2024. You can only purchase this if you make an online order. Technically speaking, these items are not anything special. The food is the normal KFC fare, unlike how Sushiro had special Genshin Impact items or McDonald’s had a special One Piece flavor. Instead, these meals will include codes that’ll unlock KFC outfits, as well as furniture based on the characters. Exusiai’s set will cost 1500 JPY (since it comes with more food) and Croissant’s will cost 960 JPY. The furniture meal will cost 800 JPY.

Aside from a real-life meal you can purchase, the Arknights and KFC collaboration will also include an in-game event and limited time merchandise. In-game, you can collect KFC points by clearing missions. Once you get enough points, you can exchange them for a KFC outfit for Ifrit. As for real-life merchandise, here are the items you can get from the Yostar store:

  • Acrylic badges (nameplate style): 1650 JPY
  • Acrylic stands: 1650 JPY each
  • Apron: 3500 JPY
  • Cutlery set: 4400 JPY
  • Luncheon mat set: 2950 JPY
  • Miniature container: 4400 JPY each
  • Miniature tote: 3300 JPY
  • Tapestry: 3300 JPY

The Arknights KFC campaign will run from May 16 to June 6, 2024. Arknights is readily available on mobile devices.

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