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PuzzMiX Is One of My Favorite Suika Game Clones

PuzzMiX Is One of My Favorite Suika Game Clones
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Given the sensation Suiko Game became, there are a lot of watermelon game clones. Many are very similar to the original, but change from matching fruits to other types of characters. Inti Creates’ PuzzMiX adds some Azure Striker Gunvolt flavor to the mix for a budget Suika Game clone that sometimes feels a little more strategic.

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Lola and her Lola Spheres are the focal point of PuzzMiX. Your goal is to pair up similar ones, so that they evolve into a larger one. You then pair up that with its match to create an even bigger one. This keeps going to increase your points. Once you fill up the box and Lola Spheres start flying out or crossing the top line, you lose. It’s typical of the Suika Game style. The exception is this involves the Azure Striker Gunvolt character and all happens while songs from the series play.

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What really drew me to the game and made me appreciate it is the shapes of the Lola Spheres, however. These aren’t shapes that are 90% circular. Many of them have linear accents. This means that they can hook onto each other, keep from moving, and really be positioned in more static ways. With Suika Game and other clones, there’s an element of allowing physics and momentum to ensure things roll That doesn’t happen here, so someone needs to be more cautious about placement and positioning. I found it slightly more strategic.

There are some annoyances that keep PuzzMiX from being the best of the Suika Game clones I’ve experienced, however. One is Lola’s constant commentary. There’s no option to turn it off, and her asides get to be really annoying. Especially since there were occasional moments when it almost sounded like they overlapped.

PuzzMiX Is One of My Favorite Suika Game Clones
Screenshot by Siliconera

The other issue is that, unlike other Suika Game clones, there’s no chart that lets you follow the Lola Spheres’ evolution in PuzzMiX. If you play frequently, you’ll catch on. But other titles follow Suika Game’s example and show what leads up to the highest “watermelon” equivalent item. That isn’t happening here, and it’s to the game’s detriment.

For a budget game, PuzzMiX looks and sounds quite good. It’s an entertaining diversion. The shapes of the Lola Spheres are enough to make them interesting from a puzzling aspect. The music is also a highlight, especially since you can unlock more tracks. I wouldn’t say it is better than the original Suika Game, but it is one of the better clones.

PuzzMiX is available for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC. 

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