New Digimon Figures Dress Characters as Their Partners

digimon blind box kigurumi figures
Image via Bandai

Blind box figures of the Digimon Adventure cast wearing Kigurumi that resemble their Digimon partners are now available on Amazon. There are nine potential figures to get, with the ninth one being a secret character. [Thanks, Dengeki Hobby!]

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The BN Figure Q figures from Bandai will come out on August 3, 2024. The figures stand at around 80 millimeters tall. Each blind box costs 1870 JPY ($12.10), and you can also buy the entire collection for 14,960 JPY ($96.60).

As for the line-up of characters, each blind box contains one of the eight Chosen Children from the original Digimon Adventure series. The secret character appears to be an alternate version of Taichi, who’s wearing an Agumon Kigurumi. He still has his goggles on, so Agumon’s fangs are digging into the lenses.

You get a closer look at the figures in the gallery below:

These figures draw on the original designs for the Digimon Adventure cast rather than the Digimon Adventure Tri films. These films take place six years after Digimon Adventure and feature grown-up versions of the original group of kids.

As of the time of writing, the blind boxes are not available for pre-order. There is a chance that they’re already out of stock, as pre-orders opened only a day ago, on May 14, 2024.

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