New Darkstalkers Morrigan Figure Leans on a Coffin

New Darkstalkers Morrigan Figure Leans on a Coffin
Image by First 4 Figures

First 4 Figures opened pre-orders for its latest Darkstalkers Morrigan figure, though technically there are four options due to variants and special editions. All of them are expected to ship in Q2 2025, with standard versions costing 469.99 and exclusive editions with light-up bases costing $489.99.

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People can get Morrigan in her standard attire or her player two version. (The second option gives her the same color scheme as Lilith, the entity created from part of Morrigan’s soul.) Each of them is almost 17 inches tall when posed on their bases. Both are resin, numbered figures. In each case, the exclusive edition is identical, save for the lights in the base. 

There is also an early bird offer in effect. Normally, the standard figures are $469.99, the exclusive editions are $489.99, and a combo edition includes both exclusive editions for $949.99. However, the early bird offer in effect until June 16, 2024 takes $25 off the standard ones, $30 off the exclusive models, and $70 off the bundle.

Here is a closer look at how the standard version of the First 4 Figures Darkstalkers Morrigan figure looks from all angles.

This is how the player two variant of the figure looks:

Finally, this is how the exclusive editions of both the standard and player two versions of the statue look when someone turns on the LED lights on the base. While Morrigan herself looks different in both versions, the lights and bases remain the same.

There is also an official trailer looking at both variants:

One of the last Morrigan figures to appear ahead of this one came from Good Smile Company. She and Lilith joined the Pop Up Parade line. Both of those are available in Japan and expected to appear globally later in 2024.

First 4 Figures’ Darkstalkers Morrigan standard and player two figure variants are scheduled to be released in Q2 2025. The early bird pricing offer is in effect until June 16, 2024.

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