Anycolor Locks Down Nijisanji Subreddit

Anycolor Locks Down Nijisanji Subreddit on Reddit
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Without any announcement on Reddit or fanfare, Anycolor locked down the subreddit for Nijisanji. As pointed out on the Kurosanji subreddit, which is dedicated to chronicling instances of the company’s behavior, the change happened on May 13, 2024. [Thanks, ILiketoMoveItandDie on Reddit!]

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If someone who isn’t logged into Reddit or joined the subreddit goes to the Hot or New sections of the Nijisanji subreddit, the only posts are official ones like “A glimpse of Nijisanji for the month of May 2024” one. Birthday posts for Vtubers like Hex Haywire and Shu Yamino also appear. It is not possible to comment. If someone searches, other posts such as ones about Scarle Yonaguni’s dakimakura and more critical posts also remain as of 3:20pm ET on May 15, 2024. Many posts made between February 2024 and May 2024 were removed.

Anycolor announced Nijisanji would have its own subreddit on Reddit back in December 2020. The official social media accounts and website did not address the sudden scrubbing of the forum. This comes after the Japanese government warned people about a hazardous cocktail recipe two of the company’s Vtubers recommended and the graduation of Bonnivier “Bobon” Pranaja.

This comes ahead of Anycolor announcing its latest financial results for Nijisanji. Cover already shared the ones for Hololive back on May 13, 2024. Those are only available in its IR Library in Japanese on its official site. 

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